Using Six Sigma for IT Projects

Six Sigma wasn’t necessarily built for manufacturing environments. That was the original intended purpose, to be sure. The methodology, however, can accommodate all systems based improvement efforts that may be pursued. The other facet of the question, “How can Six Sigma work for IT projects?” rests on whether the technology-based processes are known systems. This […]

Scope Management

In the series of activities that make-up the basics of Project Management, Scope Management is a subject that gets alot of attention when things go wrong.  With all of the “flavors” of Project Management these days (Scrum, Agile, traditional, waterfall, RUP, CMMI, etc) the basic tenets of any PM methodology are the same – help […]

Selling as a PM

In nearly every case, I witness and experience the act of selling as a Project Manager. On a daily basis, I provide to my clients the same exact steps as a consultative sales professional does. There are two distinct differences between the sales professional and the Project Manager: 1. The Project Manager doesn’t “sell” as […]