Project Selection Process – Budget Cycle

The core mission of Clarity is to provide a Portfolio Management construct for the organization, along with delivering the Project Management components that are needed to fulfill the PPM solution. This system depends on a process within the organization to select and prioritize projects based on the goals and alignment with Corporate priorities.  If you […]

PMOs, Portfolios and the expectations game

Having implemented a “few” PMOs, I can share a phenomenon that many of you can relate to – the notion that “Portfolio Management” or “the PMO” is going to make an IT department’s situation different because of their existence. I can sadly say that I’ve heard too many seat pocket ideas (like those found holding […]

PMs and Selling

Most Project Managers think selling as a PM’s skill is some sort of an oxymoron – being a PM is the opposite of selling. You manage and report the facts, deal with estimates and manage a group of people. The sheer fact of the job limits the ability for a PM to sell, right? I […]