Scope Management

In the series of activities that make-up the basics of Project Management, Scope Management is a subject that gets alot of attention when things go wrong.  With all of the “flavors” of Project Management these days (Scrum, Agile, traditional, waterfall, RUP, CMMI, etc) the basic tenets of any PM methodology are the same – help […]

PMs and Selling

Most Project Managers think selling as a PM’s skill is some sort of an oxymoron – being a PM is the opposite of selling. You manage and report the facts, deal with estimates and manage a group of people. The sheer fact of the job limits the ability for a PM to sell, right? I […]

Selling as a PM

In nearly every case, I witness and experience the act of selling as a Project Manager. On a daily basis, I provide to my clients the same exact steps as a consultative sales professional does. There are two distinct differences between the sales professional and the Project Manager: 1. The Project Manager doesn’t “sell” as […]

How Project Managers Sell

It isn’t enough to be right, or to have an idea that will make the problem go away if you are presenting something “new”. In a majority of cases, others (that you work with) are reluctant to believe an idea or position that they aren’t familiar with. It’s not a trust issue, per se, in […]

3 Simple Truths for IT Project Communication

The single most important component of project management is communication. Communication is also the one area discussed by PMI and the PMBOK the least and largely left to the imagination of Project Managers. The Standish Group produces a report titled “The Chaos Report” in which they review IT Projects and various aspects of managing projects […]

Why you should revisit the humble WBS

WBS – wasn’t that some quaint little idea that you had to memorize for the PMP certification and then promptly packed away for “future” use? Maybe you’re one of the many guilty practicing PMs who don’t use a work breakdown structure as a cornerstone of your planning activities. Maybe you don’t need a WBS – […]

Secrets from the Documentation Abyss

Why are most documents created for projects never reviewed after approval? Once upon a time, I was consulting for a company in Florida who was implementing controls in their systems. The management was insistent that every step of the process be documented to the letter. As the project manager, I began to carry these requests […]