Project Selection Process – Budget Cycle

The core mission of Clarity is to provide a Portfolio Management construct for the organization, along with delivering the Project Management components that are needed to fulfill the PPM solution. This system depends on a process within the organization to select and prioritize projects based on the goals and alignment with Corporate priorities.  If you […]

How to Know What Project Success Looks Like

In the early phases of a project, the team members, stakeholders and sponsors are all focused on the work ahead – they are gathering requirements, setting up a business case or getting familiar with the product that will be central to the project. One of the items that doesn’t get much attention during this initiation […]

PMOs, Portfolios and the expectations game

Having implemented a “few” PMOs, I can share a phenomenon that many of you can relate to – the notion that “Portfolio Management” or “the PMO” is going to make an IT department’s situation different because of their existence. I can sadly say that I’ve heard too many seat pocket ideas (like those found holding […]

Scope Management

In the series of activities that make-up the basics of Project Management, Scope Management is a subject that gets alot of attention when things go wrong.  With all of the “flavors” of Project Management these days (Scrum, Agile, traditional, waterfall, RUP, CMMI, etc) the basic tenets of any PM methodology are the same – help […]