Why you should revisit the humble WBS

WBS – wasn’t that some quaint little idea that you had to memorize for the PMP certification and then promptly packed away for “future” use? Maybe you’re one of the many guilty practicing PMs who don’t use a work breakdown structure as a cornerstone of your planning activities. Maybe you don’t need a WBS – […]

Secrets from the Documentation Abyss

Why are most documents created for projects never reviewed after approval? Once upon a time, I was consulting for a company in Florida who was implementing controls in their systems. The management was insistent that every step of the process be documented to the letter. As the project manager, I began to carry these requests […]

How much process is enough process?

If you have spent time in a few different IT shops, especially project shops, you probably have noticed something about processes. This is something that drives me bonkers about how people implement process. While this is designed to be somewhat humorous, this is potentially hazardous stuff and should be taken seriously… Some places almost outlaw […]